How to Build Muscle Tone Without Weights

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Most people think you have to use weights to get great muscle tone and definition. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s quite possible to get long, lean muscles without using dumbbells, weight machines, or joining a gym. Need some guidance? Here’s how to build muscle tone in the comfort of your home without using weights.

Tone without Weights: Use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are heavy, durable bands that look similar to giant rubber bands. They give added resistance without the need to use dumbbells or weight machines. Another benefit is you can take them with you wherever you go so you can get a workout even when there isn’t a gym around. Resistance bands offer enough resistance to get tone and muscle definition, although you probably won’t build mammoth muscles by using them alone. You can do a wide range of toning exercises using resistance bands by attaching the band to a doorknob or pole or by holding down the band with your feet to do biceps curls or overhead presses. They’re an inexpensive investment that will pay for themselves quickly with lean, defined muscles and increased strength.

Tone without Weights: Get Back to Basics

You can get an impressive amount of upper body definition by doing two exercises that don’t require weights. Nothing is more effective at building upper body strength than the old-fashioned push-up. Try varying your hand positions when doing them to work additional muscle fibers. Go all the way down to the floor to challenge yourself more, or try varying the speed to add variety to your workout. Another good exercise for the upper body is triceps dips. All you need are two firm surfaces to support your arms and your legs. You can use the edge of your bed and a sturdy chair or platform as support while doing them. These two exercises together effectively work your triceps, shoulders, and chest – all without weights.

Tone without Weights: Tone Up the Lower Body

Push-ups and triceps dips target the upper body, now it’s time to focus on the lower body. Add some lower body toning exercises to your aerobic routine by increasing the incline on the treadmill or by walking or running uphill outdoors. Climb stairs using a stairclimber or a flight of stairs to get your heart rate up while toning the muscles in the back of the thighs. Finish up with a few sets of squats. When doing squats, vary your stance to target different muscles. Do some with your feet wide apart, and others with your feet close together. Focus on doing them slowly and getting your form perfect to maximize the results you can achieve.

Tone without Weight: The Bottom Line?

As you can see, it’s not hard to tone without weights. All it takes is motivation and consistency. Get started now and you’ll be more fit and toned in as little as six weeks – all without leaving your house.

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