Should I Get Rid of My Muffin Top Before Pregnancy or Wait?

Should I Try to Lose Weight If I Want Another Baby?

If you have some weight to lose and are planning to get pregnant again, you may be wondering if it’s even worth the work to get rid of your muffin top right now. The other day, a close friend asked me to join her for a Zumba class at the gym. She already has two kids and knows she wants to have another. Her youngest is about two years old and she’s been busting her butt to get rid of her belly pooch ever since he was born. She works out faithfully and eats a pretty decent diet. She also does an excellent job of maintaining her weight, but she can’t seem to get rid of a stubborn pouch of belly fat no matter what.

What About a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction Before I’m Done Having Kids?

Another frequent conversation between my friend and I is about her seriously thinking about getting liposuction or a tummy tuck to get rid of her muffin top. Like I said before, she works out often but she’s not seeing the results she’s looking for. She has visited a plastic surgeon for a consultation and he also thinks she’s a good candidate for a procedure. However, he strongly advised her to not bother with any surgical procedure to flatten her tummy until she’s absolutely sure she’s done having kids.

The doctor explained that he could do a great job of tightening and flattening her stomach to get rid of the pooch. However, another pregnancy would stretch everything out all over again and she might end up right back where she started. In other words, it’s not worth it to get a tummy tuck before having another baby.

My Advice to Women Ready to Give Up on Zapping the Pooch

After my friend invited me to a Zumba class, she jokingly stated that she doesn’t even know why she’s bothering to work out so hard when she knows she wants another baby at some point. Perhaps you’ve been discouraged by the process of losing baby weight only to gain it again with the next pregnancy and start the process all over again.

If you share this frustration then my advice to you is the same advice I gave my friend. Don’t stop working out or slack off on your diet just because you know you’re going to have another baby. As a matter of fact, it’s even more important to stick to your weight loss goals/activities if you want to get pregnant again.

Why An Upcoming Pregnancy Should Motivate You to Lose Excess Weight

1. Old Habits Die Hard…Especially When You’re Preggers!

If you slack off from proper diet and exercise now, you may or may not gain weight. Still, you will get back into bad habits that are extremely hard to break once you’re pregnant again. When the hormones, fatigue, cravings and all the other pregnancy madness is raging you will have a nightmarish time trying to juggle all that with changing your bad eating and exercise habits.

2. A New Fitness Program During Pregnancy Can Be Risky Business

Exercise is a stressor for your body although it’s a healthy stressor. Still, during pregnancy it’s smarter and safer to continue an exercise program your body is already used to than to start a new one. In fact, pregnant women that were active before pregnancy can safely continue most of their activities, sometimes right up until the baby is born. Some exceptions later in the pregnancy are activities that may cause you to lose your balance or lie flat on your back. That said, light to moderate exercise is still beneficial during pregnancy even if you weren’t active before you started.

3. Don’t Start From Behind

The obvious reason to stick to your muffin-top-melting plans is so you don’t gain weight! Even if you only gain 10 pounds before you get pregnant, now you’ll add at least another 25-35 during pregnancy (that’s a healthy range), and hope your new bad habits don’t contribute any more extra pounds. It’s the difference between having to lose 35 pounds after the baby is born to perhaps 50 or more. It makes a big difference! Believe me. I’ve been through the baby-weight loss process and had three c-sections. It ain’t pretty even if you started at a normal weight. Whatever you do, don’t add insult to injury by giving up on your fitness goals in anticipation of a future pregnancy.


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