Quick Arm Toning Exercises for Women: Bye-Bye Flab!

Kiss "Bye Bye" Arms Goodbye!


Two Week Arm Workout for Women: How to Get Rid of Arm Flab

Here, learn several easy arm toning exercises for women. The best way to get rid of ugly, flabby arm “meat” is to reduce the amount of fat in your arms and tone your arm muscles. Since there’s no way to spot train for fat loss, the best thing you can do to reduce arm fat is to promote overall fat loss. Unfortunately, your body decides where fat comes off first. However, the second part of the anti-flab plan is working those arm muscles and that’s totally under your control.

To those of you that avoid arm exercises for fear that you’ll look bulky, stoppit! It’s very difficult for women to get bulky muscles in the first place. Secondly, adding muscle mass to your arms will fill out the loose skin and make your arms look thinner.

Is Two-Week Arm Toning Possible?

Absolutely. This is especially true for women who don’t normally work out. This is because you have the most room for improvement and the best chances of your hard work showing up and making a noticeable difference quickly. Combine the following arm toning workout with a sugar and fat reduction (for body fat loss) to carve out those sexy arms ASAP.

Triceps Dips

Below is a demonstration of the triceps dip. This exercise can be done using an exercise bench or any sturdy, non-movable object that’s about the same height as an exercise bench. Dips will give quick definition to the backs and sides of the arms, making them look athletic and diminishing flab. Start with 2 sets of 10 repetitions and work your way up to 3 sets of 15-20 reps as you get stronger. Do this exercise every other day for maximum results.

Triceps Nosebreaker With Stability Ball

This exercise will tone the arms and the core muscles. Notice that the shoulders are resting on the stability ball, not the back. This forces the core muscles to work to maintain balance while you work your arms. The trick here is to not let your butt rest and sink down but keep your body as straight as a board.

The term “nosebreaker” may sound dangerous but it isn’t at all. Be sure to use a weight heavy enough to make your arms tired after 8-10 reps. Otherwise, you won’t be adding any muscle tissue to fill out the flabby skin on your arms. Start with 2 sets of 8-10 reps and work your way up to 3 sets every other day.

Tried & True Push-Ups

Regular or girly (modified) push-ups are a great arm toning exercise. They tone the biceps in the front of the arm and the chest. Building chest muscles in women helps to lift the breasts and give them a perky look. Push-ups are also great because they can be done anywhere and use your own bodyweight. That means the heavier you are, the more effective your push-ups will be. Start by doing as many as you can in one minute. Then rest 30 seconds and do another set. Start with 2 sets and work your way to 3 sets.

These arm exercises for women are sure to get rid of bye bye arms if you stick to the plan!

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