Diet to Get Rid of a Muffin Top in 4 Weeks

How fast can I get rid of my muffin-top pooch?

You can get rid of your muffin top belly pooch in as little as 4 weeks with a few conditions. One factor that will determine how fast you see weight loss results is how much fat you have to lose. The more you weigh and the more your current diet exceeds the number of calories you need each day, the faster you’ll lose body fat when you start your four-week muffin-top melting plan. The other factor that will help or hinder your progress is your willingness to change or be uncomfortable.

You Can Control How Many Pounds of Fat You Lose

It’s normal to see anywhere from one to two pounds lost per week from modest calorie restriction and a moderate exercise plan. However, I have seen heavier people lose as much as eight pounds in a week by only tracking their calories and starting a walking program. This person weighed almost 300 pounds and was male; both factors helped him lose weight fast. Still, he wasn’t doing much and saw results rather quickly. That said, he didn’t look very much different in the first week because he was still heavy. But gradually he started to look noticeably different and had much more energy, too.

You Failed Before Because You Didn’t Have the Right Tool

With the right tools, you can reasonably expect to lose a significant portion of your stomach fat in four weeks. Most people fail at “dieting” and weight loss because they don’t want to bother with the numbers of it all which is where the weight loss battle is lost or won. The key to weight loss is plain and simple: burn more calories than you eat or drink. That’s it. It’s simple but it’s not easy to do without a fool-proof way to know exactly how many calories you need and how many you’re burning.

You have several options if you decide you want to be precise with your caloric calculations:

1. Pay a registered dietitian approximately $100 an hour to calculate the number of calories you need and create a corresponding meal plan. Then you will need to organize your grocery lists and recipes or figure out how to make the foods he/she recommends.

2. Calculate the calories in every food and beverage you eat/drink, keep a journal of everything that passes your lips, and calculate how many calories you burn through your basal metabolic rate, activities of daily living and exercise.

3. Pay only 0.30 cents a day for someone to do all the work for you. For just $9 bucks you can instantly download the whole 4 week kit and caboodle including a daily menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, weekly grocery lists and recipes. If you don’t like it, just ask for your money back no questions asked. There’s no work for you except to eat it. I tell you which calorie level plan to follow so you don’t have to. I also provide a report on how your metabolism works and how to maximize it (that Exercise Science degree has been quite handy!).

Sure, I’m promoting my own product here but that’s fine and dandy as long as it works…and it does! That’s why people use meal plans as a weight loss tool. Instead of wasting time trying (and failing) and counting and calculating the calories you need and eat, just part with the 0.30 cents a day. You won’t miss it once your muffin top is gone. I lost baby weight after 3 c-sections by following this plan. Today, my dress size is 4 and with tools like this, it will stay that way.

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