The Fastest Way to Get Ripped Muscles

What’s the Quickest Way to Get Ripped Muscles?

When you’re ready to get in your best shape and gain muscle, you want to do it in the fastest way possible. There’s no sense wasting your time and energy on methods that don’t provide optimal results. Here, learn the fastest way to get ripped muscles and look better than you ever have.

Fastest Way to Get Ripped Muscles: The Formula

1. Choose Your Workout

The best workout to choose when you start building muscles depends on your starting point and fitness level. Contrary to popular belief, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to get ripped muscles fast.


If you’re starting out as someone that has never worked out or lifted weights at all, you’re able to start with exercises that use your own body weight. This is especially true if you’re heavy or have a lot of body fat. Your own body weight will present enough of a challenge to your muscles to see toning and definition quickly. The following exercises use your own body weight effectively. As they become easier to do, add weights to make them more challenging:

-Pull-up bar exercises: Use ankle weights or a weighted vest to add more resistance.

-Push-ups: Use a weighted vest to add resistance.

-Wall squats: Use a weighted bar or dumbbells to add resistance.

-Planks and leg extensions: Use ankle weights for added resistance.


Intermediate and Advanced

If your body is already used to some type of resistance training and your body fat percentage isn’t very high, then start with a more challenging workout. Choose a different resistance exercise for each muscle group that you want to get ripped. Choose a resistance level that will tire that muscle group in less than 10 reps. If you can do more than 10, you’re not challenging your muscles enough. Do two to three sets of these exercises at each workout. The faster you want your muscles to get ripped, the more frequently you should work that muscle group. However, it is very important not to work the same muscle group two days in a row. Not giving a muscle a day of rest could cause injury. Also, the rest day is when the muscle recovers and grows by adding new muscle which is what you want.

Here’s another tip: increase the amount of weights you lift as soon as you can get past 8 to 10 reps. This is one of the most critical things you can do to get ripped muscles fast. Increasing intensity (resistance) and maintaining the right frequency (every other day for each muscle group) will get your muscles chiseled fast.

2. Melt the Fat Off Your Newly Chiseled Muscles

Building ripped muscles does no good if you’re going to hide them under a chunky layer of fat. Your muscles won’t look toned and defined unless they can show through easily under your skin. That means that while you’re building muscle you have to be actively working off fat stores. The good news is that the simple act of building muscle means that your metabolism is automatically increased due to the fact that muscle tissue is highly metabolically active. In other words, muscle burns a lot of calories. Still, be sure to do 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every time you lift weights. You don’t have to take rest days for cardio exercise. This can be done 7 days a week.

Warning: don’t overdo it! If you’re going to combine an intense muscle-building workout with frequent cardio, be sure to balance and rest by getting enough sleep and calories. It’s not necessary to do more than 60 minutes of cardio in one day. Doing too much cardio can actually work against you and stunt your progress. You’re going to need more sleep and more calories on the days you exercise, so be prepared to adjust your schedule.

3. Eat a Muscle-Building Diet

The fastest way to get ripped muscles is to combine an appropriate diet plan with your workout. Your body’s nutritional needs will drastically change when you’re focusing on building muscle and losing fat. It’s critical to maintain the right balance of calories in and calories out. It’s also critical to get the right combination of low-fat proteins and complex carbs. The amount that you need depends on your weight and your activity level. This subject is important enough to warrant it’s own article.

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