Back Fat Exercises for Women: The Myths vs. What Really Works

Back Fat Exercises for Women

Every woman has a place on her body that holds on to a stubborn pad of fat. For me, that place has always been my back. Even at a size four with practically no body fat anywhere else, I still had two little rolls of fat right underneath the bottom of my bra. I said that to let you know that I KNOW how frustrating back fat can be for a woman. While I wish there were some magic bullet exercise to get rid of back fat on a woman’s body, the truth is that there isn’t. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying or doesn’t know any better. Here’s why:

Targeted Fat Reduction is Impossible Without Liposuction

There is no exercise that can reduce fat in one particular spot on your body. Exercises can either target one muscle or muscle group and make them stronger or it can promote overall fat loss on your body by burning calories. For instance, if you have extra stomach fat and you do the best ab exercises in the world every day of your life, all you will do is make your ab muscles stronger, but you’ll do nothing for the layer of fat that’s covering the muscles.

The only exercises that will get rid of back fat are ones that promote overall fat loss. That’s because each woman’s body is pre-programmed as to where it will add or reduce fat stores. This genetic program is evident in women in the same family. You probably tend to store fat in the same place as your mom and sisters, right? Everyone has either fat knees, thighs, stomachs, butts or backs (in my case). Since you can’t rewrite your genetic code, the best thing to do is either burn more calories than you take in or get liposuction for your back fat. Here’s how to remedy the problem with diet and exercise…

How to Reduce Fat Stores in the Back

The way to get rid of back fat is the same way to get rid of any fat on your body: use more calories than you eat. Fat loss comes down to basic physics and very basic nutritional rules. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Increase the number of calories you burn through exercise. Burning 250 extra calories per day through exercise will burn a half pound of fat each week. Combine that with eating 250 fewer calories per day and you’ll lose one whole pound of fat each week (500 calories x 7 days per week = 3500 calories= 1 pound of fat). A 150 pound woman walking briskly for one mile burns about 100 calories. Even unfit people can walk a mile in ten minutes or less. That means that 20 minutes of walking briskly every day will burn almost a pound of fat each week without changing what you eat.

2. Figure out how many calories are in the foods you eat each day. The most thorough way to adjust your diet is to calculate the total number you need and the total number you’re currently eating. However, the quickie route is to just look up the calories in the things you eat most often that you know you could substitute or that aren’t good for you. For example, if your daily latte or nightly cocktail has 500-700 calories, you know what to substitute to lose an extra pound of fat each week until the back fat stores start to be diminished. If you’re a chips, soda or candy bar kinda gal, then consider this. A bottle of soda is about 250 calories, ten potato chips have about 100 calories and one Snicker has about 270 calories. You can see how easy it is to spot just a few foods or drinks that are keeping those pads of fat on your back.

3. Stop sabotaging your metabolism. Eat small frequent meals about every 3 hours and never skip breakfast. Whenever possible, do weight training exercises to increase the muscle cells in your body. These are very active cells that burn lots of calories, even while you’re sleeping. Never starve yourself or let yourself get too hungry. That causes you to binge at the next meal or eat fatty, salty or sugary foods that are the reason for your excess fat.

How to Get Fast Results:

The sooner you accept the facts about how the body burns and stores fat, the sooner you can be on your way to getting rid of your stubborn back fat. For the fastest results, combine all the steps explained above and stick to it. This isn’t a radical, fad diet but it’s relatively simple and it’s something you can maintain for the long haul. At first, your body may melt fat away from your waist or thighs or somewhere else. Still, if you keep losing fat, it will eventually have to start burning your back fat.

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