How to Lose Tummy Fat in Two Weeks

How to Lose Stomach Fat in Two Weeks:

Stomach fat can be stubborn, unsightly and downright uncomfortable to carry. If you have a spare tire, muffin top or belly pooch that’s making you unhappy or uncomfortable, there is a solution. And yes, it is possible to lose tummy fat in only two weeks without starving or doing something unhealthy.

How Fast Can You Lose Tummy Fat?

Without taking drastic steps, you can lose as much as one to two pounds of fat in a week. There’s no way to tell your body to lose it from your stomach before it comes off of another body part, however. Still, if you carry a significant amount of weight around your waist then you should expect to see at least some fat loss in your stomach at the beginning of your weight loss program.

If you are very overweight or if you take a more aggressive approach to fat loss, you could lose tummy fat much faster than one or two pounds per week. In my days of personal training and teaching corporate wellness classes, I’ve seen people lose four or five pounds in a week by taking very simple and healthy measures.

7 Simple Steps to a Smaller Stomach:Getting Rid of Your Pooch Belly

1. Keep a food log. The simple act of writing down what you eat will make you aware of what it is about your diet that needs to be targeted. I could ramble on all day about what to eat or what not to eat to help you lose belly fat, but cookie cutter information won’t work very well. You need tips targeted just for you and where you are. If you’re a late night snacker or soda addict, then those are the calories you need to target. If you’re a meal skipper/late evening binge eater, then you need to work on spacing out your calories by eating several small meals a day starting with breakfast.

2. Do the math. Once you’ve kept a (truthful) food log for at least three days, then do the math on where you’re making mistakes and eating too many (or too few) calories. You don’t actually have to count every calorie if you don’t want to. You can simply use common sense to analyze what you can obviously spot by reviewing your log.

3. Choose 3 targets. Identify the top three things that stick out as the most likely culprits for your tummy fat. Do you enjoy one too many cocktails after work or on the weekends? Did you know that alcohol has almost as many calories per gram as fat (7 vs 9 cals/gram). Did you polish off an entire 9-inch plate of pasta covered in white sauce? If so, you probably ate the equivalent of one day’s calories in one sitting. It doesn’t always take a registered dietitian to see where the problem areas are. If you are carrying extra fat around your waist, then your lifestyle is maintaining it, otherwise you would naturally lose the weight. Fat doesn’t just stay on-you keep it on or maintain it. Closely examine your list and find out where the maintenance is taking place.

4. Make substitutions. Swap out the three bad habits for three better ones. If you have three sodas/sugary drinks per day then have one and two big glasses of water. Or have three smaller servings of soda (4 oz at a time instead of 16-20 oz at a time). Still want to have pasta? Go right ahead. But this time, portion out one fourth to one third of what you normally ate and save the rest for the next day or two. Fill yourself up with steamed vegetables, a lean protein and a glass of water before you start on your favorite (read: fattiest) part of the meal. The goal here is to identify 300-500 calories per day that you can eliminate.

5. Walk. Everybody can walk. Even if you don’t like exercise or don’t have a gym membership or are so busy that you think you have no time to work out. EVERYONE can walk. Walk on your lunch break. Walk outside with your spouse or your kids after dinner. Limit your t.v. time to one hour after work/school and watch how many opportunities open themselves up for walking. You’ll find yourself exploring other ways to take up your day. It works. I’ve done it myself after realizing how just leaving the t.v. on all evening can sop up any hopes of quality/exercise time.

6. Watch your waist. Once you enact the above action steps, you will have successfully trimmed off enough daily calories to lose one to two pounds of fat per week off your waist. Take note each day of how your clothes fit. Tummy fat is not all-powerful and it is not above the law (of physics).  When calories in vs. calories out are manipulated in the right way, the belly fat comes off. Period.

7. A note about stress (lessons from reality t.v.): One factor that can upset the lovely laws of physics and weight loss is stress. Have you ever seen “The Biggest Loser”? If you’re a fan of the show, you may have noticed that during the weeks where a contestant is all stressed out about something (mom got voted out, red line at this week’s weigh-in), they don’t lose much weight. Have you ever wondered why that is? Stress releases hormones into the body that make it hard for you to lose fat. That means stressing out can screw up your belly fat loss plans no matter how hard you work out and how well you watch what you eat. The take home message is to identify stressors and nix them pronto!

Results in Two Weeks? That Depends on You

If you seriously apply the steps above you WILL start to see tummy fat loss in less than two weeks, most likely. It’s not rocket science. It’s not top secret. In fact, you probably already knew about lots of what you just read. The only thing that’s left to do is…change. You can want to lose belly fat, but not want to do what you know you should to get it off. So which is the case for you?

What if you could…

* Have a flat belly that didn’t stick out over your pants?

* Stop feeling self-conscious in fitted jeans and tops ?

* Take all the guesswork out of weight loss and still enjoy your food?

You can do that in less than 30 days for 0.50 cents a day without hype, pills or gimmicks.