How to Lose a Lower Belly Pooch: 3 Diet Changes to Get Rid of a Round Belly

Does your belly look as though it’s got a little pooch at the bottom? Is your abdomen sticking out and giving you a bloated feeling? If so, it may not be 100% due to belly fat. Your problem may be easily resolved through a few quick and easy dietary changes. After you and your doctor have ruled out possible medical causes for your rounded belly, try to solve the problem with food and beverage changes.

How to Lose a Lower Belly Pooch: Maybe It’s Not 100% Fat

Cruciferous Veggies: It’s possible that your protruding belly may be caused by excess gas. Even if you’re not passing gas excessively, you could have extra gas inside that’s causing your stomach to pouch outward. One of the main types of foods that cause excess gas are cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Beans and legumes could be another dietary culprit. If you suspect these may be the problem, don’t rush to throw them out just yet. These fiber-filled goodies are probably helping you to manage your weight and keep excess fat off of your waist by helping you to feel fuller longer. Instead, opt for an over-the-counter anti-gas pill such as Beano. Take Beano right before you eat gas-causing foods and you’ll prevent a lower-belly pooch from forming.

Sodium: If you have a bloated feeling and your pants are hugging a little tighter than usual, then salt may be the cause. And no, I’m not talking about the salt you sprinkle on your food at the table. I’m talking about the ridiculous amounts of salt found in processed foods, fast foods and ready-to-eat meals like t.v. dinners and microwave lunches. The majority of the salt in your diet doesn’t come from the salt shaker, believe it or not, so skipping that last sprinkle before you eat won’t help you shed excess water weight.

Instead, you’ll have to opt for foods that don’t come in boxes, plastic or with any labels at all. Those are called whole foods. The closer the food is to the way it came out of the ground, the better. The more it’s been processed, the more salt, sugar and fat has been added to preserve it and create the “bliss point”. The bliss point is a term that describes the perfect ratio of additives, fat, flavorings and otherwise unhealthy things that food makers add to products. There are chemists and other food scientists that are paid a pretty penny to figure out how to make your brain go nuts when you bite into your frozen lasagna. Unfortunately, salt is one of their weapons of choice. The result is excess water weight and plump, rounded lower pooch belly.

Diet Drinks and Artificial Sweeteners: Do you enjoy a daily dose of diet soda or add artificial sweeteners to your tea or coffee? It may be possible that they don’t agree with your body’s digestive chemistry. For some people, these artificial sweeteners, like malitol, don’t cause any problems. For others, they can cause uncomfortable bloating or other digestion-related symptoms. Switch to regular sugar or better yet…try plain old water and see if your lower belly pooch problem doesn’t resolve itself naturally.

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