Video: New “Smooth Tuck” Plastic Surgery Procedure for a Muffin-Top Tummy

What Is the Smooth Tuck Procedure?

“Smooth tuck” is a new plastic surgery procedure for people with a muffin-top tummy. It is similar to a tummy tuck but requires less healing time and allows the surgeon to remove more body fat through liposuction. On Friday, Fox News reported that this procedure was recently developed by a New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Schulman.

Why It’s Better for Muffin-Tops Than a Tummy Tuck

Lots of people with muffin-tops may consider having a tummy tuck, but this may not be ideal for them. Reasons include the fact that they’re not overweight enough or that they need to have fat removed from their love handles and back in addition to their muffin-top lower belly. The smooth tuck is better for this person since it allows the doctor to remove more body fat and doesn’t require that the muscles are cut.

Recovery Time

As a mom who’s had three c-sections, I can tell you that if you can avoid having your stomach muscles cut, then you should. The recovery process is very slow and painful, even if you’re young and fit, which I was for each surgery. Patients can get back to work within a week or two after a smooth tuck versus a much longer recovery with a tummy tuck.

Excess Skin

While diet and exercise can be very effective at getting rid of a muffin-top, it can’t remove excess skin.It’s the removal of the excess skin overhang that makes the smooth tuck a lifesaver for people that have done the work of removing fat, but can’t do anything about the skin. Each person’s skin has differing amounts of elasticity that makes it “snap” back when it’s stretched. Genetics and age are what have the most control over skin elasticity, as well as lifestyle choices such as smoking.

In the video below, Dr. Schulman further explains the smooth tuck procedure and how it could benefit a person with muffin-top belly fat and overhanging skin. Also, check out these other resources for people with excess belly fat:

How to Get Rid of a Muffin-Top Without Surgery

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