Muffin-Top Waist: How to Make it Look Smaller

Even if you don’t have the waist of Scarlet O’Hara with a little bit of fashion ingenuity, you can make the muffin-top waist you have look smaller. The waistline is one of the more difficult areas to alter through exercise and diet. In fact, exercises targeting the waistline can actually increase its size if done incorrectly by building up the lateral muscles of the abdomen. The best strategy to give your waist the appearance of being smaller than it actually is to dress correctly. Here’s how to make your waist look smaller:

Make your muffin-top waist look smaller: Emphasize your shoulders

This is one of the quickest ways to give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Look for tops that have stronger shoulders with small shoulder pads to give added width in the shoulder region. Don’t overdo the shoulder pad concept if you don’t want to look like a football player. Use scarves and dramatic jewelry to draw the eyes upwards toward your shoulders and away from your muffin-top. These accessories will further define the shoulder area giving the illusion of an hour glass shape.

Make your muffin-top waist look smaller: Wear a belt

Belts, especially darker shades, tend to draw the eye inward, giving the illusion of a smaller, more defined waist. Avoid wearing light or brightly colored belts which can magnify the problem of a large muffin-top waist. Instead, choose belts that fit well in shades of black and dark brown.

Make your muffin-top waist look smaller: Wear a slimming garment

A body shaper worn under your clothing can help to flatten a muffin-shaped waistline as well as give the appearance of a flatter tummy. These can be found in most department stores or purchased online. The body shapers of today are much more comfortable than the girdles of the past.

Make your waist look smaller: Wear a full skirt

A full skirt worn with a strong shouldered top and waist clinching belt can help to give the illusion of a small waist. The width of the skirt and the emphasis on the shoulders give the appearance of an hour glass figure. Another way to hide a thick waist is to wear a long straight jacket with a shorter skirt and heels. This fashionable look draws attention away from your thick waist and emphasizes well toned legs.

The key to narrowing a muffin-top shaped waistline lies in emphasizing and widening the shoulders as well as adding fullness below the waist so your waistline looks smaller by contrast. Give these fashion tips a try and see if your waist doesn’t appear to shrink in size.

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