Exercises for the Muffin Top

Exercises for the Muffin Top

Crunches are one of the most effective exercises for firming the abdominal muscles – but some people do hundreds of abdominal crunches and still don’t see results. One reason is they’re not doing enough cardio to zap the fat that hides their ab ripples. The other is they don’t know the most effective way to do crunches. How can you do better abdominal crunches – and get results you can see?

Exercise for the Muffin-Top: Best Way to Do Abdominal Crunches

Most people cheat when they do tummy crunches. They lie down on a bench, grip the sides of the bench with their hands, and belt out a series of crunches at lightning speed. They end up doing a hundred crunches when they would have gotten better results doing twenty the right way.

So what’s the best way to do a crunch? Remember to keep your legs bent, your knees touching and your hands folded across your chest as you crunch. This works the ab muscles more and forces you to work harder. You’ll feel the difference instantly. You probably won’t be able to belt out a set of fifty like you did when you gripped the bench, but these tummy crunches will be more effective.

Other Exercise Tips for the Muffin Top

Train yourself to slow down and hold the crunch position at the top for three seconds with each repetition. This challenges the muscles more, and you’ll use less momentum if you slow down. Once this becomes less challenging, hold the crunch position longer with each repetition or do them holding a hand weight. The key is to continuously challenge the abdominal muscles to grow and adapt.

Tummy Crunches Aren’t Enough to Build a Six-Pack

For best results, combine abdominal crunches with exercises that work the entire core. Abdominal crunches only work one part of the girdle of muscles that encases your abdomen and pelvis and holds it in. Tummy crunches aren’t the only game in town.

Keep in mind you need to combine abdominal strength training with cardio to unveil your enviable abs. Don’t make excuses not to do it – it’s an important part of any ab training program.

Better Abdominal Crunches: The Bottom Line?

Rethink the way you’re doing tummy crunches and make them a part of a comprehensive core-training routine. Then, get ready to watch your muffin-top turn into a sexy stomach.

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