How to Lose Weight in Your Face

Weight In Your Face: The Hardest Place to Hide Fat

One of the things that makes being overweight a little more bearable is being able to disguise it. You can buy shapers, Spanx or looser clothing to hide fat in your thighs, waist or butt. However, when it comes to excess weight in your face, there’s nothing you can do to hide it short of locking yourself in the house.

Why Your Face is Fat: Genetic Weight-Gain Patterns

Unfortunately, the one determinant of where your body tends to store excess fat is your DNA. Your body is pre-programmed as to where it will gain and lose weight first. Further, the only method of spot-reduction for fat is surgery such as liposuction. That means that the best way to lose weight in your face is to encourage overall weight reduction. This can be done through diet changes, physical activity changes, surgical intervention or a combination of the three.

How to Lose Weight In Your Face

Losing weight in your face or any other area of your body has to be done by burning more calories than you eat. There are no weight loss secrets. It’s all pure physics. You’ll have to follow a fat loss meal plan to help you control your calories. Further, you need to eat the right combination of protein, fat and carbs to encourage your body to speed up your metabolism. These meals must also be eaten every three to four hours to keep yourself from getting too hungry which causes overeating, cravings and slows your metabolism.

How Fast Can I Lose Weight In My Face?

How fast you lose weight in your face depends on several factors. Even though you may be losing fat through a diet plan, your body is still in control of where it comes off first. Most likely, it will reduce the fat stores evenly from all parts of your body. In many cases, people that tend to carry fat in their belly and face notice these areas becoming smaller faster because that’s where the largest and most noticeable fat stores are.

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