Lose 1 Pound a Week Without Changing What You Eat

If you need to lose weight fast but you’re not ready to make big changes to what you eat or your exercise habits, you can start small but still achieve results. If you have at least a few pounds to lose you’re probably not just overweight from what you eat. You probably are drinking a lot of your calories from beverages such as alcohol, coffee, soda, juice and dairy (milk, milkshakes). Here’s how you can modify your beverage intake to lower your daily calories by about 200-220 calories per day and lose one pound per week (220 x 7 = 1540 calories = 1 pound of fat).

Lose One Pound Per Week By Changing Your Soda

Soda can have as much as 250 calories per 20 oz bottle! If you’re drinking one of these each day, you could lose a pound a week just by switching to diet soda and/or drinking water. I don’t advise you to go cold turkey, though and completely stop drinking soda because you’ll probably start to crave other high-calorie or sugary foods. If you eat them it would defeat the purpose of cutting back on soda. Instead, gradually switch from a 20 oz bottle to a 12 oz can, from a 12 oz can to an 8 oz can and so on. If you wean yourself off slowly you won’t miss the sugar.

Lose One Pound Per Week By Changing Your Alcoholic Beverages

If you like mixed drinks such as Long Island Iced Tea, you could be drinking the equivalent of a small meal in one cup! A Long Island Iced Tea has about 300 calories but a shot of Vodka has only about 55 calories. A chocolate martini (one of my favorites) has about 200 calories. Keep this in mind when you’re drinking. Instead of getting a tall mixed drink with sugar, soda, and several shots of alcohol, opt for a shot on the rocks instead. If not, just keep in mind that alcohol is very high in calories and may be contributing to your excess weight.

Lose One Pound Per Week By Changing Your Coffee Drinks

Nobody loves coffee as much as I do. Okay, well maybe you do, too. But I know that it’s one of the last places in my diet that I’d be excited to change. That said, some coffee drinks can definitely be packed with mucho calories. A tall Starbucks latte with whole milk has about 200 calories and that’s not including any squirts of syrup you add after the fact. By contrast, a cup of coffee has only as many calories as you add with cream and sugar. A teaspoon of sugar has only 15 calories and you may be able to fool taste buds by switching from regular creamer, whole milk or half and half to non-fat creamer. If you can do that, you might be able to have coffee at about 30-50 calories instead of 200.


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