Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Your Body and Fat Storage

Humans and other mammals create fat stores for periods of stress or food shortages. This process is written in our DNA. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to storing fat around the belly than other places but your lifestyle can help you control fat deposits in your body. Stress, eating patterns and physical activity all influence how much belly fat you have.

Ways to Burn Belly Fat: Change Eating Patterns

Food choices and dietary habits are the most closely linked factors for burning belly fat. A High-fat, high-calorie diet of refined sugars and processed foods may yield weight gain, especially around the waist which is where so many people hold fat.  Change your eating so that your diet is based around whole, fresh foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Limit your intake of dairy such as milk, cheese and yogurt to no more than three daily servings, as it can be high in saturated fat and sugar.

Ways to Burn Belly Fat: Intense Workouts

You can’t burn fat around your belly if you don’t work out. Regular exercise should yield fat loss. If not, revisit your workout plan. Walking or jogging several times per week may not be enough for some people to see measurable and sustainable fat loss results. To lose fat and keep it off of your midsection, you should work out with as great of an intensity as you can tolerate. Keep track of your heart rate during exercise by using a heart rate monitor. Keep your workout hard enough to keep your heart rate around 70% of your maximum predicted heart rate. To calculate this rate, take 220 – age and multiply by 0.70.

Ways to Burn Belly Fat: Reduce/Prevent Stress

Stress causes a chemical change inside the body in the form of excess stress hormones. When these hormones circulate in the blood at higher levels than normal, it increases the storage of fat, particularly belly fat. It manifests itself as visceral fat which crowds your internal organs, not subcutaneous fat just beneath the skin. Resolve to reduce your stress levels and identify triggers for stress so you can prevent them altogether. Fortunately, fat-burning cardiovascular exercise is a natural stress-reliever and mood-enhancer.