Video: Advanced V-Crunch Ab Exercise

Advanced Muffin-Top Exercise for Women:

In this video, you’ll see a demonstration of an advanced abdominal exercise for women; the V-crunch. It has this name because it requires that you make the shape of the letter V with your body with your butt as the lower point of the V. Expect to be sore if you’re doing this exercise for the first time but do keep it in your ab routine because it’s highly effective. Here’s how to do it:


1. Lay a mat on a firm surface and sit with your butt and feet touching the floor. During the exercise, the only part of your body that will be in contact with the floor are your hips.

2. With your feet together and knees slightly bent, raise them off the floor. How high you can raise them depends on how trained your core is and how advanced you want the exercise to be. Raise them about 8 inches off the floor; 4 to 6 inches for a more difficult exercise. The closer your feet to the floor, the harder you’ll work your abs.

3. Touch your hands to the side of your head and bring your elbows to your knees. Now you’re in the “V” position.

4. Now straighten your entire body with legs fully extended while keeping your feet off the floor. Allow your back to straighten out while keeping your hands at the side of your head. Do not let your back touch the floor, though. Now move back to the “V” position.

5. Repeat this exercise 20 times. The longer you extend your body, the harder the exercise will be and the more you’ll work your core.

How the V-Crunch Helps:

This V-crunch exercise is ideal for women with a muffin top. Keep in mind that abdominal exercises do NOT directly burn belly fat. They strengthen the muscles underneath muffin top fat. This exercise does double duty for belly fat in two ways: 1. Your metabolism is 10% higher after resistance exercises. 2. As your abs get stronger, they become more defined which makes your core look sleeker and more sculpted.