Tyra’s “Fiercely Real”…Fat-Acceptance Propaganda?

Curves are cute. Fat is not.

I saw Tyra Banks on “The View” the other day and of course they played her famous “kiss my fat a**” video clip from several years ago. Back then she had been criticized for gaining weight and decided to show and tell her critics where to kiss her. Now Tyra is promoting her plus-size model project that she calls “Fiercely Real”. The whole spiel/interview basically came off to me as message of fat acceptance. She also stated that she thinks “plus size model” is a derogatory term that makes women feel bad about themselves. Hmm…what do you think?

Let’s Keep It Real, T!

Tyra’s right about a few things but I think she’s going too far with the movement to rebel against a culture that worships sickly thin bodies. Anorexia is obviously not healthy but being overweight isn’t healthy either! Just because overweight people are the majority now doesn’t mean it’s okay to sit back and accept it, like it, or love it.

Curves Or Rolls?

Also, let’s tell the truth about this term “curves”. There’s the natural shape of a healthy woman’s body and then there are rolls on the back, rolls on the side, rolls around the waist- these are not healthy or good. They are signs that you’re carrying excess body fat that threatens your life and well-being. Dress sexy for your size but tell the truth about your condition. Don’t call yourself “curvy” if you’re actually “obese”. The word “curves” sounds cute, sexy, desirable and harmless but obesity is none of those things.

Tyra, How Fierce Is My Muffin Top?

I’m not overweight but I have given birth to three kids. I had a doozey of a time losing the weight after baby #2 and cannot ever recall feeling fierce when I looked at the excess weight around my mid-section. In hindsight that’s a good thing. That feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction was my motivation to get off my curvy (read fat) behind.

25 Year-Olds Work Out to Look Good In a Bikini & Tight Jeans

Let’s be honest; most young women aren’t motivated to work out to prevent heart disease. They do it to look good. However, if Tyra Banks tells you that your fat is fierce then where’s the motivation to lose the weight supposed to come from? You should love the inside and outside of you at all times no matter what you weigh, but if you know something’s broken then you should fix it.

As a health promotion specialist, I shudder to think that we’re encouraging people to accept obesity now. You can be sexy, flyy, confident and happy while you’re overweight, but for crying out loud don’t just accept being overweight. Obesity is quickly catching up to tobacco use as the leading preventable cause of the death in the U.S. Being overweight and inactive leads to:

-Lack of energy
-Poor self esteem
-Chronic (and potentially fatal) diseases
-Chronic inflammation
-Sleep disturbance/sleep apnea
-Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)
-Metabolic syndrome
-Need I go on?

It’s Okay to Want a Beach-Ready Body!

You get the point. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with just wanting to look good naked. I want to be healthy but I also want to be comfortable in a bikini. I think being underweight is unattractive but I just don’t feel as pretty as I want to when I have weight to lose. There. I said it. And I’m not ashamed.

Weigh In On the Topic (Pun Intended)

What do you all think? Is “Fiercely Real” ultimately a good or bad thing for young women?