Why Summer Is the Best Time to Join a Gym

If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym, Summer might be the best time to do so for at least three reasons: hot weather, small crowds, and cheap prices. A gym membership can be a useful tool to help you shape up in a short time period. Combine that with the motivation that Summer time is ticking away and you just might have a winning weight loss combo.

2012 = Hottest Summer EVER! Literally.

About a week ago I saw a report on the CBS Evening News from Scott Pelley. I was only slightly surprised to find out that this 2012 Summer is actually THE hottest one on record in the United States. Yowza! Then a few days ago I saw another report that even Death Valley was hitting new heat records- 107 degrees was the hottest low (overnight) temperature ever! Again…yowza!

The point is that it’s just too hot to exercise outdoors which is one reason people skip the gym in the Summer. It’s not only uncomfortably hot, it’s actually dangerous. Even at 8am it’s already too hot for some people to be outside. If you’re not careful, you could end up with heat exhaustion or heat stroke no matter how much water you drink. If you do end up exercising in the heat, opt for a beverage with little to no sugar and one that contains electrolytes such as Gatorade. When you’re profusely sweating it’s important to replace those and stay in balance in addition to replacing H20.

Little to No Crowding

Another great thing about going to the gym in Summer is how easy it is to get access to your favorite equipment. Since people are on vacation or enjoying the outdoors someplace, they’re not too concerned about hitting the gym. This is good news if you have little time to work out or are simply annoyed by having to wait to get a good cardio machine. I personally LOVE the gym in Summer for this reason alone.

El Cheapo Price$

I love a good deal and Summer is a good time to get one at your local gym. Sales people there know that people really aren’t pressed for a gym membership right now and you can/should use that to your advantage. Call them up or do an internet search to find out what kind of promotions they have going on right now. They might waive your enrollment fee which can be somewhere around $100 for a nicer gym. I’ve also seen great Summer promotions that include spa or personal training services with a new membership.

You’ve got nothing to lose (except excess weight) so why not go for it?