Bootcamp or Personal Trainer to Get Fit Quick?

If you need to seriously need to lose weight fast but you’re not quite sure which route is best, you may have debated whether hiring a personal trainer or signing up for a boot camp-style course is best. The answer to which one will get the job done for you depends on how you answer a few questions:

1. What time is best for my workout?

If you like to get your workout over with before you get to work, you might find that a bootcamp session is the better option for you. Many of them start very early in the morning and are full of people in your shoes: they need to get in, get their butts kicked and get out fast. A personal trainer may be able to accommodate an early appointment, but then again their early morning spots may already be taken.

2. Do I need to shower and dress at the workout site?

Consider the location of the bootcamp sessions versus where your personal trainer works. If the bootcamp session is outdoors at a park then you might have to drive all the way back home to get dressed before work. Also, your trainer may work at a gym with ample shower and mirror space so you can get ready there and head out. Even if the bootcamp is some place where you can shower, the class might be full of people that need to do the same thing at the same time. Still, if you’re willing to pay for a home visit your trainer may be able to come to you in the morning. It all depends but you need to find out the logistics of it all before you decide on a personal trainer versus a bootcamp session.

3. How much am I willing to pay?

Bootcamps will be cheaper per session than the usual fees for a personal trainer. If you want to keep your costs low, you may want to opt for a bootcamp session unless your trainer gives group discounts. In that case, you could sign up for a limited number of personal training sessions with a friend or two.

4. What are my fitness goals and needs?

If you’re just looking to get your body moving and lose a few pounds in a hurry but you don’t need much personal instruction or attention, you may do better by signing up for a bootcamp session. However, if you would like more one-on-one counseling, measurements, or tracking then a personal trainer might work well. A trainer can take their time and tailor the workout to fit your limitations or goals. For instance, if you have special dietary needs during pregnancy or if you have an old injury you don’t want to aggravate, a trainer can work with you more closely and tailor your program. If you decide to go to a bootcamp session though, talk to the session leader about hiring them for one or two pre- and post-bootcamp conseling sessions. Ask them to take your measurements before and after the one or two month session (waist, hips, weight, body fat percentage, biceps, calves). Also, keep a food log for several days before your visit and ask them to point out any suggestions for dietary changes you can make to maximize your results.

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