Best Ways to Lose Weight at Home

The holidays are upon us. Cheer, exuberant energy and smiling faces are all around. Unfortunately, tasty, sugary treats also lurk on every corner, tempting us with ooey, gooey goodness. Before you know it, you’ve overindulged, and by the end of the season, you find you can barely fit into your usual pant size. Most people find themselves extremely busy in a world of careers, families and other responsibilities with no time left to squeeze in an hour at the gym each day. Do not fret. There is an effective way to lose the weight at home, while staying on top of that busy schedule.

Obtain physician approval before you begin any workout regime. Your format is also extremely important as with any exercise. As a result, you should always speak with your doctor or an exercise professional to ensure the exercises are being done correctly to prevent muscle injury and strain.

Set your alarm clock 15 minutes early each morning. Many people believe that in order to lose weight, they must sweat out at least a full 30 minutes per workout. This is not true. It’s true that at least 30 minutes is important however, it doesn’t have to be all at once. You can receive the same benefit by spreading it out throughout the day. It’s possible to get in a good 15 minutes of a small combined cardio and strength training workout to begin your busy day with a circuit consisting of jumping jacks, push-ups and crunches. The only pieces of equipment you’ll need for this workout are a pair of shock-absorbent shoes and a clock to time yourself.

Begin your workout by completing a full minute of jumping jacks. Don’t worry if you cannot complete a full minute for all of the exercises. Just do all you can do to start with. This workout is not designed to be a race or a contest.

Without resting, slowly lower your body to the floor for push-ups. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, keeping your elbows close to your body, with your fingers facing forward. Lower yourself down as far as you can go and back up. To start, place a pillow or a folded towel between your chest and the floor. As soon as your chest hits the pillow or towel, push yourself back up. Eventually you’ll want to lower yourself all the way down to the floor or mat. It is important to not straighten your elbows when lifting yourself back up, as this can put unneeded strain on your elbow joints. Building up the strength to do push-ups can take some time. If you find you cannot do a complete traditional push-up, place your knees onto the floor to complete a modified push-up.

After completing your full minute of push-ups, place yourself into a “crunch” position. You may want to use a mat if you find the floor uncomfortable for your back. Place your hands behind your head. I recommend to not lace your fingers together, as many people then make the mistake of pulling their upper bodies up with their hands, rather than their abdominal muscles. While lying on your back, pull your feet off the floor and bring your knees in. As you raise your upper body, touch the sides of your knees with your elbows. This ensures you are bringing yourself up high enough. You should feel your abdominal muscles doing the work. Complete a full minute of this exercise.

Fully complete three sets of each exercise for a total of nine minutes. You may even choose to repeat these exercises at lunch and before you go to bed. The circuits are certain to get your heart rate up and these exercises can be easily done regardless of where you are.