Quick Trick: Make Your Arms Look Slimmer Instantly

Every Woman Hates When Her Arms Look Fat!

Sure, belly fat and face fat and all other kinds of fat are really annoying when you’re overweight. But the one thing that’s also aggravating is when your arms look/feel flabby, jiggly and fat! Especially when it’s time to snap a photo and you just know you’re dressed right, have your hair right, and your make-up is camera-ready except…after one quick glance at the picture your arms are conspicuously…LARGE! But not large in a Michelle Obama, toned and tight kind of way but flabby…and…wide. *sigh*

Wave Bye-Bye With Your Hands, Not Your Arms!

Everybody else says the picture looks great but you hate how your arms look in it. You also hate that they wave bye-bye when you raise them. What’s worse is when it’s a wedding photo and you’re wearing the most beautiful sleeveless wedding gown but you hate the way your arms look. Believe it or not, this also happens to ladies that are on the slimmer side but there is a little trick you do to make your arms look instantly slimmer in a photo.

Flabby Arms + Sleeveless Wedding Dress = :-/

My wedding photographer is an award-winning, world-traveling, celebrity photo shoot savvy kinda guy. He’s also a really cool, practical and down-to-earth kinda guy. Still, he gave me a tip to make your arms look slim in a photo. Mind you, I wasn’t overweight at the time (this was pre-baby fat) but he explained that if I didn’t want to ruin my photos I should keep this in mind.

Quick Tip for the Toned Arm Look

So here’s the simple trick: lift your elbow away from your body. Yup. That’s it. See, what happens when you end up with a wide, flabby-looking arm in a photo isn’t that your arm was pressed against your side. So if your arms are facing the camera, just don’t let them lay flat against your body. Now obviously, the best ideal way around this issue for women is to regularly do a great set of arm-toning exercises. But in the mean time, that is before you’ve worked your way to sculpted arm status, you can do something about the self-conscious and uncomfortable feeling you get when you think your arms look fat.

Also, if you have to wear a sleeveless shirt or dress (high probability if you’re a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding), you can keep this little trick in mind to give yourself a quick-fix to the bye-bye arm syndrome. Now, get started on those arm workouts!