Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Make the Pounds Fall

1. Back to School = Back to Normal

Let’s face it; Summer kicked your diet in the butt. The kids were out of school (or if you’re a college kid then you were out of school) and life got much more fun. Your schedule was too crazy and interesting to think about losing weight or going to the gym. There were vacations, outings, dates, the whole nine yards. Now that Fall has arrived, your schedule should getting more routine and regular making now the prime time to get  back into the swing of the fitness thing. Also, the holidays are right around the corner which means more interruptions to business as usual, not the mention all the yummy food you’ll swear to avoid (although you never do). Get your diet and workout routine in order right now while there’s still time!

2. Cool Weather = Free Workouts

Now is the best time of year to workout outside when it’s not too hot or cold. Once Winter arrives in full effect, you can forget about running on the icy streets (remember all the snow records we broke last year and the one before?). The trees are displaying beautiful colors that make for perfect scenery on an afternoon run. The air is crisp and cool. You don’t really need to be in the gym right now to get a solid workout in. Take in the great weather while you still can.

3. New Year’s Resolution or NOW Year’s Resolution?

Stop lying to yourself each Fall about how you’re really gonna lose that last 15 pounds as soon as January comes. Why are you waiting for a new year’s resolution when you have RIGHT NOW? By the time January comes, you could have already reached your fitness goals or at least have been well on your way to getting there. With a reasonable workout and diet plan you should lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week. Do the math: There are about 10 weeks left in the year so you can lose 10 to 20 pounds by New Year’s Day. Get fit now and free up your head space for a New Year’s resolution that is actually new.

So, the only question is “where do I start?” You could simply sign up for a gym membership or poll your Facebook friends to see who wants to be your workout buddy. Then again, you could also sign up for a bootcamp session or with a personal trainer to get a jumpstart on your weight loss goals.