Breakfast Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss With Type O Blood

The Blood Type Diet and Weight Loss

The blood type diet is based on the observations of scientists and physicians in the field of naturopathic medicine. What they have observed is that everyone responds differently to different types of foods according to their blood type. Every food contains a different amounts of a substance called leptin. This substance interacts with the same antigens on our red blood cells that determine our blood type: A, B, AB or O. These reactions produce a response that is either helpful, harmful, or neutral for weight loss, disease prevention and energy level.


Weight Loss for People With Type O Blood

Type O blood is believed to be the type of man’s early ancestors, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of “Eat Right for Your Type”. For this reason, people with type O blood stand the best chance at weight loss when they eat an ancestral diet rich in proteins and meat. They also tend to have higher levels of stomach acid that can tolerate these types of foods, but for this reason they are also more prone to stomach ulcers.


List of Breakfast Foods to Avoid for Blood Type O

Many typical American breakfast foods are horrendous for people with blood type O, not just for weight loss, but for blood sugar regulation, cancer prevention, inflammation, and overall health. In the blood type diet, foods are grouped into three categories: foods to avoid, foods that are neutral or okay in moderation, and beneficial foods that you should eat plenty of. Some of the foods that blood type O should avoid that are a common part of American breakfasts include:


Pork: bacon, ham


Dairy: yogurt, cream, milk, cheese

Oranges/orange juice


Black tea

Wheat: bread, muffins, pancakes  and other baked goods made with wheat flour





Don’t Panic

Before you get discouraged that there’s nothing you can eat to help you lose weight if you have type O blood, there are still many breakfast foods that are beneficial. Check out this list of beneficial breakfast foods for type O blood and ways to substitute or limit harmful foods.