Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight

Almost three percent of the population follows a strict vegetarian diet, but the number of non-meat eaters is significantly higher when the number of “part-time” vegetarians is taken into account. The interest in this form of diet is growing as more people discover the health benefits of going vegetarian. Some are also hopeful that a meatless diet will make it easier to shed those extra pounds. Can going vegetarian make it easier to lose excess weight?

A Vegetarian Diet to Lose Excess Weight: Does It Work?

There does appear to be some validity to the idea that eating a vegetarian diet helps with weight loss. Several studies have shown that people who eat a vegetarian diet weigh less on the whole than their meat eating counterparts. Other studies have shown that people who follow a vegetarian diet to lose weight are more successful than those who eat meat and dairy products. Although this sounds encouraging, the vegetarian diet used in these studies were low in fat and calories. There’s little evidence that a vegetarian diet that emphasizes cheese, pasta, and sweet desserts makes it any easier to lose weight.

Other Benefits of Going Vegetarian to Lose Excess Weight

Eating a vegetarian diet to lose weight has other health perks. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine showed that eating a low fat vegetarian diet not only reduces the risk of heart disease and helps to normalize blood sugars, but may actually reverse atherosclerotic disease that can lead to heart attacks. Eating a low fat vegetarian diet improves insulin sensitivity and may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – a condition that increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes. Following a low fat vegetarian diet is particularly beneficial for diabetics and those with heart disease.