Muffin-Top Exercises for Men

It’s time to incorporate some exercises into the plan. You may want to start doing hundreds of crunches every day to flatten your muffin-top. Unfortunately this will have little effect as long as you’re carrying around excess abdominal fat. You may develop abdominal musculature but the layer of fat will make them invisible. A good cardiovascular and resistance training program is the best way to boost your metabolism and help you burn excess fat to melt away your stomach fat.

Commit to exercise five days each week and let yourself to have the weekends off. Do forty-five minutes of cardio on alternate days and choose an activity you enjoy. Running, jumping rope, biking, stair climbing, and fast walking are all good fat-burning exercises. Start out slowly, but as it becomes easier, increase the pace and intensity to continuously challenge yourself. Getting rid of a beer belly takes high intensity, fat-burning exercise.

On alternate days, do strength and resistance training using barbells or resistance bands to build muscle tissue. This will help to up your metabolic rate so your burn more fat. Of course, you’ll also want to do abdominal crunches on your resistance training days. Continuously challenge yourself to work harder as your body adapts. Keep a record of your progress by writing in a diet and exercise journal. This will be good feedback and reinforcement for your efforts.

If you follow this routine religiously, you can get rid of your male muffin-top with exercise. You’ll also look and feel better and have a lower risk of a variety of chronic diseases. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can show off those six pack abs on the beach.

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