Muscle Confusion Workout Routine: Which One’s the Best?

What’s Muscle Confusion?

Muscle confusion is an exercise term involves making sure the body doesn’t hit a plateau. A plateau is when a person is doing an exercise routine of the same difficulty, but the body isn’t responding as rapidly as it used to. Anyone who has ever started to workout their muscles or started a new cardio routine has noticed how quickly the body responds in the first few weeks. The muscles quickly start to look more defined or toned and fat seems to be melting away relatively easily. However, eventually the body gets used to that level of workout and doesn’t respond as well anymore. That’s how you know you’ve hit a plateau.

Who Needs a Muscle Confusion Workout Routine?

Anyone that wants the maximum results in the least amount of time is a great candidate for a muscle confusion workout routine. Also, anyone that has already started a weight loss plan but has hit their plateau and isn’t seeing the results they want can greatly benefit from “confusing” the muscles.

What’s the Best Muscle Confusion Workout?

When it comes to workouts, the proof is in the pudding. The workout routine that produces the best results and is still safe is number one. Without exception, anyone who has ever completed the P90X program raves about their results. That’s because the program is built on the concept of muscle confusion. It’s like having a personal trainer in your home to constantly adjust your workout so you get maximum results.

What’s So Great About P90X?

1. Results! You skip the plateau which means you  don’t waste weeks of workouts where you see minimal results. Even better, you can workout from home without having to spend time and money on a gym, equipment or trainer. Check out the short video at the link below that explains why P90X is a cut above the rest and how it’s muscle confusion routine is superior to other programs.

2. Beachbody, the makers of P90X, offer an online Beachbody club membership that gives you access to tools that help you track and plan your workouts, progress, goals and nutrition. There’s also a whole community of other P90X users there to swap notes with and help you to stay motivated and accountable. Motivation and accountability are two key components to a successful workout routine.

3. Speaking of nutrition, Beachbody has nutrition programs to accompany their workout routines. The best muscle confusion workout routine wont’ do you any good if you’re confused about what to eat for the best results.

What if you could…

* Have a flat belly that didn’t stick out over your pants?

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This isn’t like any other diet or weight loss book.

The Muffin-Top Meal Plan is a combination of the three things you need to lose up to two inches off your waist every week for the next four weeks.

I hired an executive chef & nutritionist to design a 4-week metabolism-boosting meal plan…

The only criteria I gave was that Muffin-Top Meal Plan had to:

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  3. Be customizable and easy to make at home

The result…



  • Four weeks of 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie meal plans (I’ll tell you which one to follow).

  • Four weeks of printable grocery lists with the exact foods you’ll need for each meal and snack.

  • Step-by-step preparation instructions and photos.

  • Everything is printer-friendly. Take it with you!

  • An easy-to-make meal plan that’s based on sound nutrition principles- not hype, gimmicks or starvation.

You will get…

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  • All the hard work of counting calories done for you.

  • No more searching the internet hoping someone will just tell you exactly what to eat to lose your muffin top!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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So how much is a win-win solution worth to you?

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For about a dollar a day, you can get on the fast track to healthy, delicious weight loss meals made easy! Remember, I’ll give you a 100% refund (no questions asked) if it doesn’t work.

Purchase Includes 2 Free Bonus Reports:

Bonus #1:

“3 Actions That Will Boost

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Bonus #2:

“The Muffin-Top Myth-

Why Ab Exercises Don’t Get

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You don’t need another diet book. You need to know EXACTLY what to eat to get immediate results without starving yourself.

That’s exactly what the Muffin-Top Meal Plan delivers.

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