How to Tone Your Booty: Best & Worst Butt Exercises

How to Tone Your Buttocks:

How to Tone Your Buttocks Fast

Here, find out how to tone your booty and get the sexy, toned butt you really want. Does your gluteus need maximus toning in minimus time? If so, you’ll want to make the most of the time you have by doing the best butt exercises there are. You’ll also want to skip the least effective, yet still popular butt exercises. The following list of best and worst butt exercises comes from a 2006 research study done by the American Council on Exercise.

Here’s what to do to get a sexy, beach-ready booty ASAP:

1. Tone Your Buttocks Exercise: Beginner = Step-Ups

Step-ups are an easy butt-toning exercise that can be done just about anywhere. You can use steps or a sturdy platform to step up on. For an added challenge, do this exercise while holding dumbbells or a weighted bar.

-Stand directly in front of a platform with both toes facing forward.

-Take the right leg and step up on the platform.

-Balance your body on your right leg and lift the left knee toward the stomach, being careful to maintain balance.

2. Tone Your Buttocks Exercise: Intermediate = Single-Leg Squats:

Regular squats are a popular choice for butt exercises but they aren’t the most effective. Try doing single-legged squats instead. If you’re a beginner or you don’t have very good balance, try this exercise with a stability ball.

-Place a stability ball on the wall then lean against it with the rounded part of your lower back.

-Sit down into a full squat, then lift one leg off the ground.

-Continue to do squats with only one leg while balancing against the ball for support.

-Do not bend your knee more than 90 degrees to prevent injury.

3. Tone Your Buttocks Exercise: Advanced =  Squat Jumps

Note: This exercise isn’t for people with knee injuries.

Squat jumps are one of the best butt exercises you can do for toning and calorie-burning. They are a high-impact exercise that engages the muscles that make your butt look amazing in a bathing suit or your best jeans. Here’s what to do:

-Be sure to wear shoes with a non-slip sole. Begin by standing with knees slightly bent and hips-width apart.

-Squat down to 90 degrees and jump up from a squatting position.

-Land on your feet and go back into another squat.

Least Effective Butt Exercises:

For the best results, skip the leg press and regular squats. These butt exercises are safe, but they won’t give you the most bang for your buck.

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