3 Ways Coconut Oil Helps You Lose Weight

Coconut oil is one of the few plant-based fats that are saturated. Saturated fats get a bad name in the press but that’s because of a misunderstanding of the different types of saturated fats. It’s no wonder so many Americans are overweight when they think fat-burning fats are bad for them and fat-causing fats are good for them. The truth is that when Americans ate more fat they ate less sugar and were NOT overweight. Imagine that. Learn why coconut oil is good for your health and can help you lose weight:

Coconut Oil Is Less Likely to End Up On Your Gut

#1 Reason coconut oil helps you lose weight: it’s a medium-chain fatty acid, also called a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). MCTs simply are a smaller molecule than many of the fats common in American diets. That makes them easier to be absorbed by your body and easier to be metabolized by your liver. That means they’re less likely to end up stored as fat on your gut.

Coconut Oil Helps You Feel Full-Prevents Overeating

#2 Reason coconut oil helps you lose weight: It’s high in saturated fat which helps you feel satisfied faster. The faster you feel satisfied, the easier it is to stop eating. The fats in coconut oil literally tell your brain that you’ve had enough and then you don’t feel like eating anymore. That means it can help you eat fewer calories. Coconut oil actually has more saturated fat than animal fats but has the same amount of calories. That’s a GOOD thing for weight loss.

Coconut Oil Literally Burns Stomach Fat

#3 Reason coconut oil helps you lose weight: It increases your metabolic rate. MCTs like those found in coconut oil are scientifically demonstrated to help you burn more calories. A study from┬áVanderbilt University observed this when it gave participants a diet rich in MCTs for one week. Compared to controls, these test subjects experienced 50 percent more thermogenesis, the process through which the body increases fat burning to produce heat. The study results were published in the July 1989 “Metabolism” journal.

How Does It Taste?

There are two ways to buy coconut oil: one way has no flavor or scent so it can be easily used as a substitute for other vegetable oils. That odorless/scent-free coconut oil is refined (expeller pressed). The other type of coconut oil smells great and has sort of a rich nutty flavor. That type is called virgin or unrefined coconut oil. If you want to use it as a substitute for butter then use the virgin coconut oil. The flavor makes it easier to use less of it because a little goes a long way for taste.

coconut oil for weight loss and metabolism boosting

I like Trader Joe's organic virgin coconut oil.

Meal Plans & Recipes with Coconut Oil

The Muffin-Top Meal Plan has dozens of meals and recipes with coconut oil. I purposely included this oil because of its effect on weight loss, and belly fat loss in particular. It’s also a low-fat meal plan, though with only 1500 daily calories (I explain how to use the meal plan for more or less calories and how to know how many calories you need).


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